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How to Welcome Kids Of America's Heroes Into Your Community

All over the country, military families are on the hunt. They are looking for homes, jobs, schools, and communities.

You’re excited to invite military families near you in to your community group, church, or organization! But are you reaching them?

Sure, you have a social media presence, a website, and have put your information out there. Military families might still have a hard time finding you, even with all of that information out there.

Reach military families, and invite them into your community with these easy ideas.

How to Welcome MilFams Into Your Community

It’s not just having your information out there, but where and how you’re sharing it, that makes a difference.

Advertise in Base Publications

Every military base has a newspaper or magazine. Most offer advertising space to help offset the cost of production and distribution. If the base or installation near you doesn’t have their own publication, they likely have a locally-focused edition of Stars & Stripes.

The next time you’re on base, pick up a copy from the library or at the shopping center. If you don’t have base access, connect with a friend who does or send a message through social media. The military now maintains a wide and active presence on Facebook and Twitter, making it easier to get in touch.

Once you’re in contact, inquire about advertising rates. Then schedule ads to run during high traffic seasons.

One great time to run ads is during PCS season, which lasts from May to September.

Join On-Base Fairs or Festivals

During the summer months, many bases will have fairs or festivals to welcome newcomers to the area. This is a great time to connect with military families!

Check with your base Family Readiness Office or Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Office for information about upcoming events. Sign up for a booth or ask to have your group’s information included in a welcome flyer.

At your event, share ways that you’d like to connect with or assist the military community. Focus on your specialty: religious services, education, children’s activities, family support, and community building. Have something tangible, like an info sheet or magnet, that folks can walk away with.

Host Your Own Event

Create a sense of welcome for military families by hosting a block party or other fun event. You could work with your group to coordinate a potluck or BBQ, then invite military families!

Share your event with Family Readiness Officers and unit leaders. Post ads in the base publications and share it on social media with targeted ads.

Even if you’re not an official group, having a summer block party or family day is a great idea. There’s nothing like a great party to welcome folks to your community!

Join KOAH’s Events

Kids of America’s Heroes are always out in the community, and we’d love to see you there! Make sure you’re following us on Facebook to stay in the know about events we’re hosting or participating in near you.

Helping military families is as simple as donating to KOAH!

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