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KOAH: Dedicated to Serving the Littlest Members of the Silent Ranks

Kid’s of America’s Heroes is dedicated to serving and supporting the littlest member of the silent ranks: military-connected children.

The American public sees military children rarely. They are featured in feel-good segments about joyful homecomings. Or they are photographed as they mourn the loss of a military parent. The other things, the normal things, are often lost in the shuffle.

We don’t see the challenges faced by military children as they move, on average, every 2-3 years. The news cameras aren’t there to capture the emotional struggles of military children who miss their mom or dad during a long separation. We aren’t shown how children cope with their parent’s life altering war wounds.

But this is where military children, and their families, need our help the most

Kids of America’s Heroes wants to shine a spotlight on the regular, everyday struggles and triumphs of military children.

Kids Of America’s Heroes Mission is to raise civilian awareness of military-connected kids who struggle with unique challenges before, during, and after parental deployment. Military-connected children struggle most during deployments and transitions, like moving duty stations or when a parent leaves active duty service. These are exactly the times when our civilian communities might not be aware of their needs.

KOAH wants to change that. We want to make sure that our military-connected children are never forgotten or unseen. KOAH will advocate and educate civilians about the everyday needs of military children. This will enable them to foster a healthy, supportive, and safe community for military-connected kids.

Kids of America’s Heroes is for all military-connected children.

The challenges that military children face don’t end when their parent leaves active duty service. Children connected to the National Guard or Reserve often live in communities far from military bases. There may be few, if any, other military-connected families living nearby. Schools might not even be aware that there are military-connected children in their district!

For children of veterans, they might be working through complex situations connected to a parent’s service related injuries. These children might be serving as a caretaker for an injured or ill parent.

Helping the Kids of America’s Heroes is vitally important. Won’t you join us in supporting these brave members of the silent ranks?

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