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Please Send a KOAH Hug, It Cost You Nothing But Means The World to a Military-Connected Kid

What’s happening in Eastern Europe has the United States potentially sending in an estimated 8500 plus troops, they’re on alert now for possible deployment. That’s a huge burden by a small population of our society and military families who often are forgotten.

Military-connected kids are in our schools, and our neighborhoods, we see them in stores and playing in yards. Sometimes we avoid them because we don’t know what to say.

Help a military family in your neighborhood by volunteering. Offer to babysit, help run errands, or offer to do some yard work.

If you’re shy about talking with military families and you don’t know how to help out KOAH sends military children KOAH Hug letters monthly while their parents are deployed. After the longest war in American History, we have almost depleted our encouraging letters to kids. Please consider writing a quick note to military children or have younger kids draw a picture on this stationery and send it to us at We would be delighted to send out your inspirational notes. It’s the least we can do

Potentially we’re heading for another conflict; Show your support by wearing red on Fridays the word red is an acronym for “remember everyone deployed” it’s a gentle reminder that you’re thinking of them.

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