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Spread Cheer This Season and the Whole Year Through

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Being a military family or veteran far from home can be so isolating. When you arrive, you know next to no one. Spending the holidays alone can be depressing. If you have room at your table, invite a military family to join you! You can reach out through your religious group, the USO, through social media, or by contacting units stationed near your home. Share how many people you would like to invite and then wait for confirmation.

Not only will you be helping a military family feel at home, but you’ll also be making new friends! Plus, I bet that your guests might bring a unique dish or two to share.

Pass it On

Many military families operate on very tight budgets. Some families are living at or below the poverty threshold. Even with a steady job, it can be hard to make ends meet when a family is constantly on the go. As you sort through winter clothes or get ready to weed out your closets, consider donating clothes to local military charities. Most bases have thrift stores that accept donations of clothes, shoes, household items, and toys. Many churches will help to find homes for gently used items, too. Even if you can’t part with toys or clothes for free, selling your items for a discounted rate on local yard sale pages can help military families. Your child’s outgrown playhouse might make the holidays a little brighter for a military child in need.

Stock the Shelves

For children of veterans, it can be hard to buy books about their struggles. At public libraries and schools located far from military installations, these books might not be on the shelves. Donating a copy or two of books for and about Military-connected Kids can help them to feel more at home.

As a bonus, you’ll be sharing military life with all the children in your community. Too many Americans do not have a strong connection to today’s military. Help to forge that bond in a concrete way through literature! voice in our great nation. Help us to continue our mission of supporting these littlest warriors!

Support KOAH!

Our whole mission is built around supporting the Kids of America’s Heroes through education and programs. Too many Military-connected Kids are slipping through the cracks at school and in our communities, through no fault of their own.

By donating to KOAH or volunteering with us, you are helping to give these kids a voice in our great nation. Help us to continue our mission of supporting these littlest warriors!

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